Carter 2.0

In an attempt for the title of “Worst President in US History” president Obama has stolen the playbook of his closest competition: former president Jimmy Carter.  Obama must remember what a glorious time our country enjoyed in the late 70′s.  High unemployment?  Check!  High fuel prices?  Check!  Perhaps he is jealous of president Carter’s stellar foreign policy record?  Let’s see. Abandoning our allies in their time of need?  Check! (i.e. Israel, Egypt, and most of Central America)

Carter completely stabbed the Shah of Iran in the back when he ordered the US to take a “hands off” approach to the Islamic Revolution.  Granted the Shah wasn’t perfect, but he didn’t drive his entire nation toward destroying the US and Israel.  This is exactly what we got with the Ayatollah.  This is also what we will get if we sit back and watch Egypt tear itself to pieces.  The Muslim Brotherhood is positioning itself to fill the void of leadership.  What started out as a revolution for democracy has been hijacked by terrorists.

Regardless of what the media tells you, the Brotherhood is a terrorist group.  They are the tree from which Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and many other terror groups have grown.  If they gain control, Egypt will rapidly become a totalitarian Islamic regime, the Suez will be closed to the US and Israel, and the Islamic shift in North Africa will increase in power and speed.

Fortunately for the Muslim Brotherhood, they have a brother in the White House.  When Obama gave his speech to the Muslim world in Cairo (June 4, 2009),  he failed to mention or even acknowledge our strong ally Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.  He did, though, quote a section of the Quran that encourages Muslims to wage jihad against non-believers.  He also invited the top leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood (which was outlawed at the time) to hear his speech.

Just like Carter with Iran, it’s clear who Obama is pulling for.  He thinks that the Muslim Brotherhood is  just a bunch of poor, oppressed Muslims who want nothing more than to be free to do as they wish.  Unfortunately what they wish to see us and Israel “wiped off the map”.

Another thing that’s not widely reported is the riots in other countries in the region.  Yemen, Algeria, Lybia, Jordan, and Morocco all have been trying to control uprisings in their countries.  This, so called, “Jasmine Revolution” started in Tunisia a month ago when a revolt overthrew their government.   Moderate governments throughout the region are now in danger of being overturned.  What is the world’s lone superpower doing to protect it’s interests, allies, and self?  Nothing.  Nada.  Obama threw a party with his press core because David Axelrod is going to Chicago to start Obama’s re-election campaign (Good luck with that!).  Secretary of State Clinton is visiting Haiti.

I am fearful of the results that we will begin to see in the next week or so.  I fear that Obama’s lack of courage and convictions has dramatically decreased our influence in the Middle East and North Africa.  I think Russia will look to ally with these extremist regimes not for ideology, but for opportunity.  If Obama and his ilk have their way, the world may look very different at the end of the next two years.  I would hate to live in Israel right now.

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