What to do?

What is our role as Christians in this pre-apocalyptic world? Is maintaining the status quo really what we should be doing?  Should we just continue to live our lives as if our future is as certain as our past?  The signs of the times are obvious to most.  Even non-believers can detect a huge shift in the paradigm .  The end is near and we, as Christians, are privileged to know what is going to happen next.

Why did God, in His infinite wisdom, include so much prophecy about the end times in the Bible?  So that we would be ready when it comes.  What does it mean to be ready?  Does He want us to have our 401K loaded up?  Should we have a really sweet house so that Christ is impressed when He returns?  Maybe we should spend all of our time working out so that we have nice abs in heaven.

Possibly, He gave us all of these signs so that we would feel the urgency of the times.  Can you not feel that God is waiting until the last possible moment to start “the end times” because it is His desire that none should perish.  He wants to save as many people as possible before it’s too late and, all the while, we are focused on our jobs, hobbies, and other distractions.  Yet what should we do?

Selling all that we own and following Jesus is admirable but unrealistic for most of us.  If you are called to do this then consider it an honor and do it.  We are all called to serve Him where we are.  Are we doing it?  These perilous times and anxiety over our future are a great motivator for people to search for the truth.  We have that truth.

Let’s change our lives and change our priorities.  Let’s step out of our comfort zones and challenge God to meet us there.  We need to live as if today could be our last and it just may be.  What’s the worst that could happen?  We would become mature, sold-out, Christians living radical lives for the God who saved us.

If the end is “near” or even “here” wouldn’t it be awesome to know that we are trying to do whatever we can to bring others with us?  Don’t you want to be found as a “good and faithful servant”?  I do.