Doom and Gloom

I hate that this has been a current events blog as of late.  I would much rather write something funny or inspirational that people could enjoy reading.  However, the times being what they are, I feel that I must give the happenings of the world my full attention.

Egypt has fallen.  In what is being called a “soft coup”, Hosni Mubarack has left the presidency and I presume Egypt as well.  This country of 80,000,000 people is now under the control of it’s military until elections can be held.  The media is proclaiming this as a victory. Yea, democracy!  The “peaceful” protests of a few hundred thousand people have toppled a government that held the country at peace for the last thirty years.  Now Mubarack may be a scumbag, but he was our scumbag!  Egypt has been a vital ally in the Middle East and North Africa for decades.  Now, presuming elections will actually take place, we shall get the will of the people-who hate us.

A PEW Research poll conducted last summer in several Middle East countries found that Egypt’s populous is veering toward fundamental Islam at an astonishing rate.  The poll found that 85% of Egyptians think Islam’s Influence in politics is positive and just 2% think it’s negative.  59% of them sympathize with  fundamentalist and just 27% with modernizers and only 59% of Egyptians think that democracy is preferable to any other type of government.  This is in a country that was once the most modernized and westernized country in the region.  If elections are held, it will be to set up a Islamic theocracy that will most assuredly not be democratic.

In July of last year, the University of Maryland commissioned Zogby to poll the people of Egypt. Here are a few of their findings:

  • 85% of Egyptians hold an unfavorable attitude toward the U.S.
  • 87% of Egyptians have no confidence in the U.S.
  • 92% of Egyptians believe the U.S. is one of two nations that is the greatest threat to them (the other nation the Egyptian people hate is Israel)
  • 52% of Egyptians hold an unfavorable opinion of American people
  • 65% of Egyptians believe that Islamic clergy must play a greater role in the Egyptian political system
  • 79% percent of Egyptians believe that it would be positive if Iran is able to acquire nuclear weapons

Another Pew Research poll last June revealed that only 17% of Egyptians hold a favorable view of the United States, while 20% hold a favorable view of suicide bombing.  That’s right, Egyptians like suicide bombing more than they like us.

Of course we went over some of this in my last article God, Guns and Food.  Some of this is just my gloating at being right.  Of course we’ll see what happens this weekend throughout the region as several more “Days of Rage” are schedule in various countries.  The fall of Egypt will embolden the fundamentalist to achieve their objective of toppling moderate governments where ever possible.  Soon they’ll be looking to Europe where they might be more successful than you think.

The other topic covered in God, Guns, and Food was the US economy and the end of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.  As I read the news today, a headline grabbed my attention.  CNN/Money.com is reporting that the IMF (International Monetary Fund) is calling for a replacement for the dollar as the reserve currency of the world.

It seems that events are unfolding at an exponential pace.  Things are changing predictably, but faster than we can stay ahead of.  My advice would be to read your Bible, watch the news for correlations, and invest in things that may be of use when we wake up one day and the world is a different place.

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